Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Season of Smiles

Perfect title, ne? It's almost Christmas!!!!

Anyways, today's my otou-san's birthday, and guess what?

We saw three other people celebrating their birthday!!! Awesome, ne?

School was okay, I wasn't late! And my friend got pissed at my other friend, but they're fine now.

And I wrote a ShikaTema fanfic... I'm so proud, though I don't think that it's really impressive. I need to work on the ending...

And my other 'friend' walked with us home too! *mutters* Please don't read...

Anyways, I made another e-mail...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hare Hare Yukai

Okay, I'll be making the title of my posts the songs that I'm listening to...

Friday, was a PA Day... God knows what PA means...
So, we went over to Nathan's house, we played darts, video games, listened to some songs and went over to the Chinese Bakery at Birchmount. Basically, we had fun.
And Nathan's dog is awesome... So is the cat, but...

When we were walking towards the Chinese Bakery... Well, the conversation went this way:

Nathan: So, how much money do we have?
Kevin: I got 50 cents.
Ken (me): [checking pockets] All I got are... pick-up lines and 3.80.
Nathan: WTF? Pick-up lines? Let me see your pick up lines.
Ken: ... I was kidding.

Funny, why would I even bring pick-up lines? And why was he so interested anyway?

Oh, and my brother's friends came over. That's one of the main reasons I left. I swear, I hate em...

And last night, a friend and I had a weird conversation... A conversation about nail polish, ne? I mean, you are talking to me! A person who knows nothing!

*******: i wanna bring nailpolish at claremont
ken: the smell makes me wanna hurl...
*******: oh
ken: but i don't mind.
*******: i wanna bring alot of colours and put them on people who are sleeping
*******: ...hehehehehehe
ken: i dont mind.... but please not pink....
*******: i have silver pink and peach with glitter...and blue with glitter
*******: i wanna buy black nailpolish
ken: i like purple on nails
*******: i wanna buy purple too
*******: it would be cool if its lik purple and lack
*******: *black
ken: i know
*******: how about light green?
ken: it would look awkward
*******: lol
*******: lime green
ken: green on nails though?
*******: oh yeah...weird

Conversations are fun... But so are super awesome drum solos.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Today was such a fun day. We had a man from Claremont to talk to us about the stuff there. Then, we made medallions.

And there was the bet on 'who would win Tony Hawk'. I swear, those two are... immature in a way. They say that I have the 'highest chance that I would win'. Yeah, hope you're right...

Then, Nathan and I made fun of Kevin because he listens to rap metal...

And honestly, is it the first time people here have seen a yoyo? I mean, sure, mine's all wooden and awesome unlike Kevin's light-up ones...(that, according to senpai, are uncool) People keep on borrowing it...

Listening to : Valentine Kiss - Fukuhara Kaori

My sister ordered mah Newtype with Haruhi in front... AWESOME !!!!

Monday... Claremont Day... I would miss my own bed.... Grawr... Tema-chan, I'll miss yah! Or I'll just bring you.... I dunno.... [Temari-chan is teh pillow!!!]


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I am the angel of death...

Okay... obviously, I am bored. Tom Jones always cheers Marge Simpson, by the way...

Dorothy-sempai wasn't at school today. Guess who had a bad day!

Ah well, it was alright... we did another dress rehearsal for tomorrow, the concert. Fruits of the Holy Spirit...

Do you know the dream that the person you love? They fly in through the window?

Amusing... I'm bored... Darn it.... I'm writing for no reasons at all... I miss mah friends.... and Temari ownsjoo ~!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Okay... It's been awhile...I blame school and work... Ah well...

I am currently in the same class as my dear friends... I'm doing my work often, (Ha!!! In your faces, Theresian friends!) I am trying my best, Since it's high school next year.

I am jealous of the people who went to the Me to We conference last Friday... They got to watch The Hanson. I'm jealous... I like Zac Hanson, like my sister... Bleh.

Today was my sistah's birthday. She's ** now... Sad, ain't it?

I am obsessing over the Hiiragi twins, Hirano Aya, Suzumiya Haruhi and Sabaku no Temari. Because they're awesome!!!!

There's an animecon on December 9. I am willing to not to go to school for this, except that it's a Sunday. Bweee! Now, I am excited...

I like cookies and icing sugar...

Currently listening to: Lost my Music - Hirano Aya [Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu OST]

Oh yeah, my friend thinks I'm a loser and she said I should stop making references to stuff normal people don't know... Mou...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I feel..

I feel...

It's saturday, and I'm not playing RO. Today is the last week-end of summer!! The radio said so... I'm bored and I have a cold. And I know someone who is hyper-acidic... I only pray that that person doesn't know me! Oh well, too late.

I feel like running around. But I'm too lazy. I almost can't think straight... The radio is playing songs from the 80s. One song reminded me entirely of grade 7.

Darn, I hate grade 8.

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Ragnarok fever is up once again...

Yes the RO fever is up once again. It was actually my first time to get serious, you know? Funny, I am starting to actually love it.

There's this time when I was with my brother and we were trying to lvl-up at the argiopes and argos. (They're the creepy crawlies.) It's like, I don't want to sleep! But, my eyes are tired! No I don't care! I want to be a priest!! BUT, the pain in the eye won.

I am doing a knight right now, because I switched accounts. The first one I had are males. I'm doing a female one so me and my brother could get married. (Shut up you people who don't know anything!!! In Game!!! In Game!)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Love is all I need - DBSK

Now, that is not true. That's just the title of the song I'm listening to right now. DBSK is cool.

Nothing much happened, except I got on NeoPets™. If Fuzz Academy™ is up, I'll go there.

I made rice krispies squares, and now, they're all gone. Don't blame me.

I can wait until school starts. Come on! Who wants to study?

Yes, I know... SasuNaru is love.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


It's the last day of our tennis lessons, finally. But who cares, right?

It's summer vacation, still. I don't have anything better to do but read SasuNaru fanfiction. Oh well...

This is a survey my sister did in Multiply. I'd rather do it here. Why? So no one will see!!

1. Celebrity Crush?

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2. Where do you live?

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3. Favorite color?

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4. What shoes do you wear the most?

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5. Where are you going vacation next?

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6. Favorite TV Show?

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7. Where do you go to school?

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8. Favorite movie?

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9. Where do you shop the most?

10. What kind of cell phone do you have?

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11. Favorite food and drink?

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

12. What type of pets do you have?

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13. Favorite restaurant?

14. Favorite Band/Group/Singer?

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15. Something that can always be found in your purse?

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